domingo, 14 de noviembre de 2010


Irregular Adjectives

Certain adjectives have irregular forms in the comparative and superlative degrees:

Irregular comparisons:

bad _______ worse ______ worst

good ______ better _______ best

little _______less _________ least

many ______more ________ most

much ______more ________ most

far ______ farther ______ farthest



  1. Italian food is good
  2. This car is in bad conditions
  3. Rose has little money
  4. Paul made many mistakes


  1. Italian food is better than American food.
  2. This car is in worse conditions than mine.
  3. Rose has less money than her brother.
  4. Paul made more mistakes than his friend Robert.


  1. My mother makes the best Italian food I have ever eaten.
  2. The red car is in the worst conditions of all.
  3. Rose has the least money.
  4. Paul made the most mistakes.


Adjectives of three or more syllables form their comparative and superlative by putting more or most before the positive adjective.



  1. This castle is frightening.
  2. A sony LCD is very expensive
  3. Max is a careful driver.
  1. This castle is more frightening than the old house we saw yesterday.
  2. A sony LCD is more expensive than a Hitachi LCD.
  3. Max is a more careful driver than Mike.


  1. This is the most frightening castle in town.
  2. The sony LCD is the most expensive in this shop.
  3. Max is the most careful driver in his family.

jueves, 28 de octubre de 2010


An adjective is a word that describes or gives information about a personal noun, a place, animals or things.
  1. The cat is small
  2. The man is tall
  3. The woman is fat

Grades of comparison

One - syllable adjectives form their comparative and superlative by adding er and est to the positive form:


  1. My grandfather is old.
  2. The weather is warm today.
  3. My suitcase is very heavy.


  1. My grandfather is older than my father.
  2. It is warmer today than yesterday.
  3. My suitcase is havier than yours.


  1. My grandfather is the oldest in my family.
  2. The weather forecasts said "tomorrow will be the warmest day of the week"
  3. My suitcase was the heaviest of all.